Q. What is Marlinspike exactly?

Marlinspike is a quarterly, glossy, color magazine, devoted to the traditional sailing vessels that carry passengers and trainees along the North American coast.

Our focus is on the vessels themselves schooners, ships, brigs, barques, sloops and the sailors and volunteers who sail, maintain, and support them.  We also write about boatbuilders, educators, sailmakers, curators and historians. We help spread the word about opportunities for the public to get involved with Tall Ships and to sail on them to ports both familiar and exotic.

Q. Who is the audience for this magazine?

Marlinspike will be read by those who are interested in sailing, history, and our maritime heritage. While we will doubtless share coffee tables with publications like WoodenBoat, Cruising World, and Sea History, Marlinspike has a focus that is unique.  No other publication focuses exclusively on working sail ships, sailors, and programs.
Our target audience is three-fold. The primary market are the officers, crew, volunteers, sail trainers, and support staff of all the traditional boats sailing in the US.  The secondary market is maritime museums that focus on traditional sail no battleships, steam tugs, aircraft carriers, liberty ships, or submarines and their staff and volunteers. We estimate the size of the primary and secondary markets at perhaps 5,000 people.

The tertiary market is the armchair element of 50,000 watching those 5,000 people. That's a sizeable market, but without a big marketing budget it will take some time to get established there. We plan to start with the core and move outward.

Q. Where can I get a copy?
Marlinspike is sold in maritime museum gift shops and through subscription. 

Q. We'd like to sell the magazine in our gift shop. How does that work?

We ship the magazines to you. You put them out for sale at the retail price of $5.95. We split the sales revenue 50/50. When a new issue arrives, you tear off the covers of the unsold magazines and send them back to us with your payment.

Q. When does the next magazine come out?

The magazine will mail the third week of December, March, June, and September.

Q. How do I advertise?

Call 978-561-3020 or e-mail us at  info@marlinspikemagazine.com  for rates & deadlines.

Q. I have a great story idea. Who do I contact?

Mike Rutstein is the publisher; he can be reached at info@marlinspikemagazine.com