Spring 2018 Articles

“We are on a mission to change the face of the maritime industry, and invite you to join the journey.”
So says the website of Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, operators of the steel ketch Hawaiian Chieftain and the wooden brig Lady Washington. Their bold claim is based on the advent of a new program, Sea School Northwest, designed to give aspiring and developing mariners resources through which to expand their training and move ahead in their chosen profession. We spoke recently with Sea School Northwest Program Director Hali Boyd about the changes in the organization and aboard their two vessels.

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Last fall, Katie and Adam McKinlay, veterans of the Maine windjammer business, purchased the Isaac H. Evans from Captain Brenda Thomas. The schooner was built in 1886 as an oyster freighter on the Delaware Bay. In the 1970s she was restored by Captains Doug and Linda Lee and began her career as a windjammer.
Unfortunately, the circumstances that made the Evans a bargain have also provided a host of challenges as the couple prepare for their first year of business. They are returning the schooner to her original name, Boyd N. Sheppard, and hope to be boarding passengers for their first cruise on June 10.

Marlinspike: Tell me a little bit about your background coming into this project.

Adam: I started in the windjammer industry here in Maine in 1997...

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