Summer 2018 Articles

Lettie G. Howard, built in 1893 in Essex, Massachusetts and owned by New York’s South Street Seaport Museum since 1968, will be operated for the next two years by the Flagship Niagara League of Erie, PA. Lettie joins the brig Niagara to enhance the visitor experience at the Erie Maritime Museum while expanding the Flagship Niagara League’s existing sail-training program.  During the 2018 sailing season, Lettie will be offering a variety of sailing opportunities.

Marlinspike recently spoke with Flagship Niagara Maritime Operations Director Joseph Lengieza about the arrangement that brings Lettie to the Lakes.

Marlinspike: Tell us about this collaboration with the South Street Seaport Museum from your perspective.

Joseph Lengieza: We’re really excited about it. The terms are two years, renewable up to five, and who knows from there?
We’ve been looking for ways to add capacity...

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The Kaye Family is celebrating their 25th year of operating the cold-molded staysail schooners
Woodwind and Woodwind II.

Marlinspike: You were a sailing family long before you got into the sailing business, no?

Ken Kaye: I’m a musician by training.  I was teaching instrumental music in Connecticut, and we had the summers off, and I learned how to sail and I loved it! Two of my cousins were sailors. Getting everyone involved in the sailing thing was something I thought was so neat. Sailing is a passion, something you get so fully involved in. I was so happy that we as a family were able to do this together.

MS: What kind of boats were you doing your sailing in?

Ellen Kaye: We had a 14’ daysailer made by Bristol Yachts...

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