Fall 2019 Articles

Improbably, Kalmar Nyckel ó a recreation of a Dutch Pinnace that brought Swedish settlers to Delaware ó is actively sailed from the Chesapeake to New England

Marlinspike: The last time we wrote about the Kalmar Nyckel, it was a pictorial featuring your wintertime volunteer program. But thereís more going on than just that indoor program, during the winter months?

Capt. Lauren Morgens: Absolutely. We actually teach crew training four times a year. That winter class meets on Saturdays, so itís really designed for local folks who are looking for something cool to get involved with. In the summertime, we teach three sessions that are two and a half weeks long, and people come and live on board the ship and learn how to sail. We have people come from all over this country. We have a number of volunteers from Europe who come...

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On September 7th, Mayflower II was re-launched after nearly three years on the hard at Mystic Seaport. Marlinspike spoke to Plimoth Plantationís Director of Maritime Preservation and Operations, Whit Perry, about this major milestone in her rebuild, and the ongoing plans to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrimsí arrival in 1620. 

Marlinspike:  How long has Mayflower been at Mystic Seaport now?

Whit Perry: Well, the first winter of 2014-15 we spent here at Mystic Seaport out of the water for the discovery process, trying to figure out just how bad the ship was, how much it was going to cost, developing a plan for how we would go about restoring it, creating a proper timeline. And thatís when we began the materials acquisition process.

That winter was spent doing what I call exploratory surgery. Pulling planks off here and there to look behind them, to get an idea of where the rot might be. And then presenting it to my board and getting the support and the go-ahead to start the restoration.