Summer 2016 Articles

20-year-old Anna Spring nailed down one of the coveted places

aboard Draken Harald Harfagre for this summer’s Expedition America 2016.
Marlinspike spoke to Spring shortly after Draken arrived in Newfoundland about the challenges

of sailing the biggest Viking longship in existence across the North Atlantic

Marlinspike: Four thousand people applied to crew aboard the Draken Harald Harfagre for the Expedition American 2016.  How did you manage to land a place on the boat?

Anna Spring: I met Captain Björn at the Tall Ships America conference in Philadelphia in 2015, which he and his team were attending to spread the news of the expedition Draken would be embarking on the following spring. I started talking with him, was instantly fascinated with the project, and right away made it my number-one goal to join the ship as crew for the voyage. After bothering him at every coffee break and socializing time that the conference offered, I got a tentativ
e promise for a position on board. I guess that Björn saw that I had potential to be an asset on the crew and decided to take a chance on me, even though he had never sailed with me before...

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Recently we spoke to Ocean Passages Program Director Sarah Wineberg about her organization’s efforts to build sail-training programs featuring access to the newly-opened island of Cuba. Wineberg was aboard the Harvey Gamage this winter as the schooner spent two and a half months in Cuban waters.


Marlinspike: Tell us how you got involved with Ocean Passages.

Sarah Wineberg: I’ve been running community sailing programs for Sail Maine for the past two years. One of the people I worked with recommended me to Ocean Passages. We had an interview, and it turned out that we have very similar ideals and we’re excited about the same things! I’ve been working for Ocean Passages since February.

MS: At that point, the Harvey Gamage was in Key West?

SW: I was hired at the same time the boat was getting ready to leave Portland for Key West...

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